Getting a Patent for a New Vacuum Cleaner Design

Having managed to come up with a new vacuum cleaner design, the next challenge for you to deal with will be that of getting a patent for the design.

Before you can embark on the process of getting a patent for the new vacuum cleaner design, you need to be sure that it is indeed a new design: something so you unique that it can actually be patented. It won’t make sense for you to just take one of the popular vacuum cleaner designs on a website like, modify it a bit, and then start running around looking for a patent. If you are to get a patent, you need to have actually come up with something that is truly new.

Before you embark on the process of getting a patent for the new vacuum cleaner, you need to have enough money for the (patenting) process. Getting a patent, by itself, doesn’t cost much money. But the fees you may need to pay the lawyers and other professionals who help you with the process may be quite hefty.

It helps too, to ensure that you are prepared to take advantage of the commercial protection that the patent will offer you, before seeking to patent the new vacuum cleaner design. You may have come up with the design for the best vacuum cleaners for cars but if you have no way of commercializing them, then the patent won’t be of much help to you.

To get further help in the process of seeking a patent, you may need to talk to people who have actually go through the process before. You can, for instance, talk with the professors in a top research university, such as Stanford University — especially professors who hold patents. Or you can talk with people in industry – like, say, the folks in the R&D department of a top company like General Motors for advice on this topic.